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Strategies in Bathroom Lighting

bathroom lighting

You can achieve more even bathroom lighting by placing fixtures on either side of your mirror.

The bathroom is your personal refuge, so it’s a good idea to give its lighting features some thought. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook the need to invest in quality lighting for their bathrooms, opting instead to focus on the living room or kitchen. If you’re going to be spending time using the mirror, however, you’ll need adequate lighting to illuminate your space. A good bathroom lighting strategy employs multiple layers of light, placing lighting where it is needed most. Here’s what you need to know.

Primary Lighting

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to bathroom lighting is placing fixtures directly over a mirror. This will cast shadows over your face, making your daily groom ritual more of a chore. A better idea is to use vertical fixtures mounted on the sides of the mirror to cast an even light. In smaller bathrooms this may be impractical, and only then should you place a lighting fixture above the mirror. It should spread across at least 24 inches and use bulbs that are at least 150 watts in order to evenly wash over your head and face.

Accent Lighting

You can create another layer of light with a small recessed spotlight directed at a piece of decor or at your powder room basin/sink. Similarly, recessed shower fixtures can be placed at an angle to highlight features of your bathroom space, such as nice tilework, fixtures, or art installations. Accent lighting is a great way to make details in your bathroom space pop.

Vanity Lighting

In order to eliminate shadows beneath the chin, eyes, and cheeks, you will need to install fixtures on either side of your vanity mirrors. They should be approximately 36 to 40 inches apart, 66 inches above the floor, and placed roughly at eye level. This will ensure that you achieve even illumination when grooming.

The Right Bulbs

Halogen bulbs set the gold standard for bathroom lighting, as you will want crisper, whiter lighters in order to render skin tones most accurately. You can find low-voltage varieties that are especially compact and can imbue your bathroom with a nice sparkling effect. Although halogen bulbs may cost more initially than standard incandescents, they will last three times as long, making them a worthwhile investment.

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