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7 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Appear Larger

A small bathroom with wall shelves above the toilet

Installing shelves on the wall of your small bathroom can help increase the free space available.

Bathrooms are spaces that should be more than merely functional. They should be attractive, relaxing areas that make you feel at ease. It can be easy to design and install your dream bathroom features when you have plenty of space; however, if your bathroom is much smaller, it can seem impossible to get the design you want. Fortunately, there are several creative ways to implement design features in a small bathroom to make it not only appear more substantial, but just as luxurious one twice its size. 

Trick the Eye in a Small Bathroom

You can make the space in your bathroom seem larger by continuing the same floor materials into the shower. Without interrupting the eye, the whole room will appear larger than it is. 

Use Patterns Selectively

If you’ve fallen in love with a bold pattern for your bathroom floor or walls, go ahead and have fun. However, if you choose a bold floor, keep the wall design simple and vice versa. 

Install Wall Storage

It is crucial to have your toiletries close at hand while you are in the bathroom. However, a small bathroom can often make storage difficult. If your bathroom doesn’t come with enough storage for your needs, you can install units on available wall space to keep things organized and avoid clutter.  

Use the Ledge

You can install a ledge beneath your mirror and above your sink. This is a convenient place to keep everyday items such as a toothbrush or hairbrush when you don’t have enough drawer or cabinet space. 

Remember Lighting!

Every bathroom needs adequate lighting, but in a small bathroom, lighting is even more crucial. A well-lit space can make the room feel bigger, brighter, and more inviting. Consult with your contractor on the best lighting options.

Use Clear Materials

A glass shower door instead of a curtain will let the eye travel around the room without stopping, which makes the space seem larger. You can additionally install a “zero threshold shower,” which has no curb to step over and further allows the bathroom to appear expansive. 

Floating Space

If you don’t have much to store in your bathroom, you can add some free space by installing a floating vanity or shelves. These elements not only give the room style but add more visual space that lets the room feel much larger. 

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