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Expand Your Dream Home

As your family grows, the space in your current house shrinks down to nothing. The thoughts of moving to a new house begin to enter your head.

But if you’re happy where you are, C.C. Dietz has the answer: a new addition that offers more living space and a fresh look. Why deal with the hassles of moving when the answer lies in a new addition?

Bedrooms, sunrooms, family rooms and guest rooms can be added to existing structures. They’ll save you the time and money involved in selling your home and purchasing a new home.

Our team can design an addition, file for the proper permits, and begin building – without disrupting your everyday activities. We employ the highest-grade foremen and carpenters, many of who have partnered with us for years.

Stay where you are, and make your home a better place to live, add an addition with C.C. Dietz! Contact us today at 717-755-1921 or email.