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How to Choose Your New Bathroom Faucet

A single-hole bathroom faucet

The simplest type of bathroom faucet is the single-hole faucet, where the spout and handle are combined into one unit.

While planning a bathroom remodel, you can spend hours and hours agonizing over the decisions for your wall materials, tile sizes, flooring, and paint colors. These elements of the bathroom remodel are essential, so it is crucial to know what you want. However, that shouldn’t mean you neglect the details. A bathroom faucet, for instance, can tie your room together without calling much attention to itself. And you won’t believe how many options there are! The technology and design options for bathroom faucets are impressive, so we encourage bathroom remodelers to consider the following information before choosing the bathroom faucet best for them. 

Consider Your Bathroom Faucet Style

You can choose a bathroom faucet that is ornate or modern, traditional or fancy, one-handled, or two-handled. If you are updating an old sink, your options are limited by what fits into the existing sink. If you’re replacing the sink entirely, your possibilities are endless. Whatever your choice, make sure to match the sink and shower fixtures for a complete look. 

Single-Hole Faucets

This space-saver is ideal for small bathrooms or powder rooms. With this bathroom faucet, the spout and mixing handles are combined into one unit, and there is only one hole that needs to be drilled. 

Center-Set Faucets

This bathroom faucet design works well for most sinks. The spout and two handles are combined into one unit that mounts on the sink deck. 

Wall-Mount Faucets

This unique and modern style features a separate spout and handle, each plumbed through the wall behind and above the sink. 

Widespread Mount Faucet

This bathroom faucet looks similar to a center-set faucet, however here the handles are separate from the spout with a distance of at least eight inches between each handle. 

Motion Activated Bathroom Faucets

It is important to know the technological advancements available for your new bathroom faucet. For instance, a motion-activated faucet can be turned on and off with a hand motion. Newer models even include flow control and temperature adjustment without you ever needing to touch potentially dirty handles. 

Laminar Flow Technology

You can soften your water with a laminar flow faucet. In this faucet, aerators make the flow feel lighter, and the water flows in a clear stream that resists splashing. This faucet will add undeniable luxury to your bathroom routine. 

Sanitizing Faucet

This ozone-activated antibacterial bath faucet will kill germs with a stream of ozone that mixes with the water stream to give you extra clean hands. Whichever faucet you choose, look for one that has replaceable internal parts, so if something breaks, you don’t need to replace the entire faucet. 

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