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How to Design a Cook’s Dream Kitchen

A large kitchen island in a cook's dream kitchen

A cook’s dream kitchen can include a large island for plenty of cooking and serving space.

If you are someone who loves to make elaborate meals for your friends, read cookbooks for fun, and try out the most complicated dishes you can find, you need a kitchen than can suit your culinary adventurousness. If you find that your current kitchen design is impeding your ability to cook as much as you would like, consider a kitchen remodel consisting of the following four design elements that every cook’s dream kitchen requires. 

Strategize Layout and Storage

Designing the proper kitchen layout is essential for any cook’s dream kitchen. You want each kitchen zone to support your workflow, not frustrate it. 

Pantry Storage

Installing a pantry cabinet enables you to store your items in an organized fashion until they are ready to be used. You can place this cabinet near the refrigerator so that all of your food can be in one zone.

Sink Storage

A cook’s dream kitchen will necessarily include a sink zone that makes cleanup easy and efficient. Installing pull-out trash and recycling near your sink will give you an easy way to dispose of messes without walking all over the kitchen. 

Prep Storage

Installing a tray divider cabinet will give you the chance to stash your cooking trays and cutting boards in an easy-to-access cabinet in your prep zone. This frees up more valuable counter space, as well. 

Cooking Storage

The cooking zone is an essential part of a cook’s dream kitchen. You will need lots of counter space and easy access to your cooking tools. Installing a pots and pans drawer near the oven eliminates any searching for pans when you need them.

Employ Cooking Technology

A cook’s dream kitchen can now include the addition of devices that use virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri. These devices can afford you lots of hands-free help in the kitchen. Some programs can even control lighting, appliances, and faucets through voice commands, which is useful for the cook who has her hands full. 

Free up Lots of Counter Space

You can avoid future headaches by designing your kitchen to feature plenty of counter space for meal prep and presentation. This can mean installing a kitchen island or incorporating more clever cabinet designs that move items off of your counters. 

Choose Quality Cabinets and Countertops

You will be using your kitchen a lot, so you will want to make sure you choose kitchen cabinets and countertops that can withstand frequent use in a busy kitchen. Do your research before deciding on the materials and designs that fit your needs. 

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