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How to Create a Kitchen or Bathroom Design That Will Last

A black and white ceramic bathroom design

A classic black and white bathroom design will suit your home longer than any trendy design.

Trendy designs may be eye-catching today, but designing a home that can withstand the test of time is much more rewarding than trying to follow a trend that you may dislike in a few years. There are a few key things homeowners should remember as they design a bathroom or kitchen made to last a lifetime. 

Match Your Kitchen or Bathroom Design to Your Home

Most likely, your home already reflects your family’s personality and your design preferences. So, rather than forcing a kitchen or bathroom design that is trendy and likely very different from every other room in the house, try to fit your new design in with your home seamlessly. Matching your new kitchen or bathroom design to the color palette or furniture style of the surrounding rooms in your house will give your remodel a fresh look while making it feel like it was always designed this way. 

Choose Your Risks Wisely

There is nothing wrong with trying a bold new design scheme. However, you should think carefully about how you implement your bold new kitchen or bathroom designs. Designing your new kitchen or bathroom to fit the rest of your house, but adding a couple of bold statement colors or pieces can help you find a compromise between trendy and traditional. Applying color accents to a backsplash, or creative light fixtures can add a stylish splash of personality to your otherwise classic kitchen or bathroom design. 

Some Trends Can Be Useful

Sometimes trends can be trendy for a good reason. For instance, eco-friendly appliances are becoming increasingly popular. If you like the look of them, they can save you energy costs and benefit your environment and would, therefore, be great additions to your new kitchen. What you want to avoid is redecorating an entire room in a style that you don’t love or that doesn’t fit in with your house or family, simply because it is a hot style trend of the moment. Most likely, the trend will fade soon enough. 

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