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Ideas for Transforming Your College Kid’s Empty Room

empty room

Transform your college kid’s empty room into a personal gym.

Is your college kid freshly off to school? Then it’s time to start thinking about how you can put all that extra room you have to good use! Although it may be difficult to accept that your child is getting older and starting a life of their own, the best way to get through this tough situation is to make sure that space goes to good use. Here are some great remodeling ideas for turning your unused college kid’s room into something fun and useful.

A space for hobbies and collectibles – Now that you have some extra space, perhaps it’s time to dedicate it to a particular hobby or collection you have? Whether it’s woodworking, guitar playing, painting, or just your favorite pez dispenser collection, you can finally let your creativity run loose with a new hobby space.

Guest bedroom – A guest bedroom is the most common way people put an empty nest to good use. Although not the most imaginative use of your new space, another guest bedroom is an incredibly functional and practical addition. With a guest bedroom you can accommodate friends and family when they decide to visit, and it’s never a bad idea to have another place in your home for someone to sleep.

Gym – A home gym is great for people who feel they’re short on time and need the convenience of an at home facility. If your college kid isn’t going to need their bedroom anymore, perhaps a gym addition will help you get into exercising again? Another benefit of an at home gym is you can personalize the space to your own specifications and needs.

A new office or study – Many homeowners don’t have, but would like to have an office of their own. An office addition is a great way to make your home a more productive space for you and your family. If you have younger kids who haven’t yet left for college, a dedicated study area is also a great idea for homework and focus.

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