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The Dos of Bathroom Remodeling


Lighting and space are some of the most important features to consider when doing a bathroom remodeling.

The bathroom is, for many people, an area of personal pleasure and comfort. Investing in a bathroom that fits your needs is probably the most important remodeling project you can undertake for your home. The bathroom typically consists of a tight footprint, so maximizing your space and choosing appropriate features is essential. In this first part of our dos and don’ts of bathroom remodeling, we’ll cover all the things you should look out for.

Do: Budget smart

It’s not unusual to run into unforeseen problems when doing a bathroom remodeling, such as hidden water damage. Experienced contractors can do an exploratory survey to sniff out trouble early on in a project. Build a cushion into your budget in case anything goes wrong.

Do: Use Discretion

Stylish master bathrooms are both functional and discreet. You can hide toilets by using furniture as a barrier, or strategically placing them behind a wall or in a “room-within-a-room”.

Do: Choose the right surface

Bathrooms get messy. Invest in durable materials for your bathroom surfaces. Porcelain is a popular option for bathroom sinks, but enamel-on-steel and solid-surface stinks will offer better durability and stain resistance. When it comes to countertops, many kitchen materials have started finding their way into the bathroom. Granite and quartz are durable and visually attractive options. Laminate and solid surface materials are also cost effective solutions, but may scratch easily.

Do: Invest in a good shower

How often do you really use the tub? If like most people you shower every day, it makes sense to splurge on shower equipment that can provide the sensual experience of a full bathtub. Look for versatile, water efficient shower heads that can treat you right.

Do: Give yourself space

Grooming is all about you. Having a space that suits your needs is a must. Make sure you’re leaving enough counter space so that your personal effects won’t feel cramped. Although double sinks are a popular option for couples, a single sink that gives each of you more room to yourself might be the smarter option.

Do: Consider ventilation and lighting

Moisture inevitably takes a toll on any surface, and presents the risk of mold growth. Investing in a fan and good ventilation for your bathroom will help prolong the lifespan of your next remodeling project. The bathroom is where we most frequently see ourselves. Place light fixtures that will complement your features.

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