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Choosing a Better Shower Head

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The right shower head can make your mornings more pleasant.

With how hot it is this summer, you may find yourself seeking out the shower more often than normal. Replacing your bathroom shower head can help you save money and get off to a fresher start each morning. Remember, if it’s something you use every day–it’s probably worth investing in. Here are a few tips for choosing the right showerhead for your bathroom.

Shower Head Types

Your first consideration when choosing a shower head is the fixture type. Shower heads typically fall within five general categories.

Single-head spray shower head – the adjustable nozzle that is commonplace in most homes.

Rain showers – A flat head suspended directly above the user.

Dual/multiple shower heads – Features multiple showerheads that are controlled by a set of levers.

Sliding bar shower head – Moves up and down along a wall-mounted base, and is an ideal option for family members of varying heights.

Hand-held showerheads – A single sprayer attached to a hose that can be maneuvered by the user. Particularly useful for hair and hard-to-reach places.

Body sprays – These compact nozzle sprays are integrated directly into the shower wall.

Modern Shower Head Features

Shower head technology has made a couple of trendy advances in recent years. Aerated shower heads mix air and water to generate a sensation of enhanced water pressure, but they actually use less water than a regular fixture. Although an aerated shower head can may cost more up front, it can actually save you money on your utility bills. Some shower heads are now being enhanced by LED lights as well, providing your shower with some much needed illumination to match your mood.

Environmental Considerations

The average family goes through 400 gallons of water in a single day. If you’re environmentally or budget conscious, consider investing in a water saving showerhead that uses less than 2.5 gallons per minute. These models will carry an “EPA WaterSense” label. And if you do choose the environmentally friendly route, make sure you take your home’s water pressure into account. A low-flow shower head likely won’t do much for a home with lower than 80 psi (pounds per square inch) water pressure.

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