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Choosing the Best Materials for a Kitchen Countertop

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Granite is one of the most common and beautiful kitchen countertop materials to choose from.

If you’re planning to build a new kitchen island this summer you’ll need to get a handle on the various kitchen countertop materials to choose from. The choices may seem overwhelming, but the large variety of modern countertop materials means you can tailor your kitchen remodeling to your exact personal needs and taste. Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular countertop materials to choose from.

Natural Stone

Natural stones like granite, soapstone and slate are some of the most common countertop materials. Granite is likely the most popular and comes in a wide variety of colors with very few seams. You should avoid using abrasive cleaners with granite countertops. Soapstone and slate come in fewer colors, usually more subtle and darker hues, but are often a more affordable alternative to granite. Soapstone must be sealed with mineral oil to reduce staining, whereas slate is nonporous and virtually maintenance free.


Wood is one of the most traditional countertop materials. Wood has a natural beauty and warmth that you can’t find in any other material. Still, wood countertops will require some maintenance in order to preserve its natural finish and avoid cracking or warming. Many homeowners aren’t willing to commit to that responsibility and instead opt to use wood as a secondary surface for a prep area. After all, wood is the best countertop material for cutting and chopping food.


Concrete that closely resembles natural stone is becoming an increasingly popular option for kitchen countertops. A precast concrete counter can come in a variety of colors and will have an extremely flat, smooth and modern look. Today’s concrete countertops are fairly affordable, but cracking is always a concern and fabricators should be used to strengthen the counter.

Solid Surfaces

Solid surface materials like acrylic, polyester, quartz composite, or a combination thereof are some of the most durable materials to work with. Many people often mistakenly dismiss solid surface materials as being an imitation stone, but the design possibilities with these materials is virtually limitless. If you can dream it, a fabricator can likely create it with solid surfacing materials.

Ceramic Tile

Although recent kitchen design trends are shifting toward seamless countertops, ceramic tile is still an excellent choice for backsplashes or secondary work surfaces, particularly kitchen islands or eat-at countertops. Ceramic tiles are typically the most cost effective solution, just make sure your ceramic tile is rated for floors and countertops. Wall tile is too thin and will easily crack.

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