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Kitchen Islands and Why You Need One

kitchen islands

Kitchen islands add storage space and another area for dining.

A kitchen island is a home remodeling must-have. Popularized in the 1970’s, kitchen islands provided an extra space for meal preparation and guests to congregate. The growth of food based television programming has drawn a great deal of appeal to this feature. But Kitchen islands don’t just add value to your home. They can completely transform your kitchen into a better, more functional space. Investing in a kitchen island can make the busiest room in your house an organized social hub. At the very least a kitchen island will add pivotal counter and storage space where you need it most: the cooking area. Here’s some information and inspiration to get you started on your next kitchen remodeling.

Function First

A kitchen island is a great way to solve storage woes. Additional drawers, pull out shelves, and cabinets give your kitchen options and extensibility. The area beneath your kitchen island makes an excellent space for storing items that need to be conveniently accessed, like a recycling bin. A kitchen island can also be incorporated into your cooking ritual by adding amenities like sinks, refrigerator drawers, or stoves and grills. A larger kitchen can utilize a kitchen island as the go to spot for cooking and entertaining. Real estate in the kitchen is a precious commodity, and installing a kitchen island can help you make the most of yours.

Another Place to Sit

Kitchen islands also have the added advantage of acting as an informal dining area. If you are accommodating a large number of guests sometimes it can be difficult to squeeze everyone in. Kitchen islands make a great dining space for kids, especially those who can be unruly at the dining room table.


Kitchen islands are incredibly versatile, and many homeowners opt for choices that are more tailored to their needs. Some people include a wine cooler in their kitchen island or even a bookshelf for storing those cooking recipe essentials. For other people the kitchen island is an office space or a homework area for kids. The possibilities for your kitchen island are much greater than you might initially believe!

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