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Choosing the Right Bathroom Mirror

When it comes to remodeling the perfect bathroom, the right mirror type can go a long way. After all, if you’re going to be looking at it every day then it’s probably worth invest

bathroom mirror

The right bathroom mirror style can make all the difference.

ing in, right? And while mirrored medicine cabinets offer a nice, multifunctional design, there are so many more styles out there to consider. Here’s a quick look into the various types of bathroom mirrors.

Mirrored Medicine Cabinets – Chances you’ve had or seen one of these mirrors. They’re the most common bathroom basic, combing storage space with a reflective surface. Whether you’re using one that’s set into the wall or mounted flush against it, mirrored medicine cabinets can provide a classic look.

Framed Mirrors – Another one of the most basic mirror styles, these mirrors hang flush against the wall with no bells or whistles. They come in a wide variety of styles, from modern to traditional, plain to ornate, and small to large.

Ledge Mirrors – They’re called ledge mirrors because they feature built-in ledges where you can keep your bathroom products. If you’re a minimalist who likes to keep everything well edited and in plain sight, this is the mirror type for you.

Frameless Mirrors – Rather than having a full frame, these mirrors float against the wall with a finished buffed edge. Frameless mirrors look great in contemporary bathrooms, and your hardware provider can cut the mirror to perfectly match the size of your wall.

Pivot Mirrors – Pivot mirrors are mounted to the wall on two hinges, allowing them to tilt up and down. The advantage here is that they’re much more flexible and have a traditional appeal. They fit well in classic, subway-tiled bathrooms.

Extension, Swing-Arm Mirrors – Extending from the wall on an accordion or swing-arm mount, these mirrors are perfect for someone that doesn’t have room for an over-sink mirror and is looking to save on space.

Lighted Mirrors – Built-in lighting around the frame of the mirror allows for some added illumination to your bathroom space, and are an excellent choice for contemporary designs.

Vanity Mirrors – Small, hinged mirrors mounted on a pedestal or atop a tabletop. They’re often double-sided with a magnifying mirror on one face, making them ideal for applying makeup.

Captain’s Mirrors – You don’t see these mirror types too often due to their high price tag. They involve a large rounded mirror hung from a strap, and boasts an incredibly striking piece. A Captain’s Mirror offers a unique blend of traditional and modern style.

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