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How to Better Organize Your Pantry

organize your pantry

Clear containers and labels are a better way to organize your pantry.

With all the stuff we need to keep in our kitchens, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by clutter. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Proper organization of your pantry area will help you see what food you have at a glance, what needs to be restocked, and where new groceries belong. Here are a few pointers for organizing your pantry and keeping it spiffy.


  • Use translucent containers and labels. Clear contains will help you see where food items are immediately, which is especially useful for dry bulk items like rice, grains, sugar, and nuts. With proper labels and translucent containers you won’t have to go searching through partially opened bags.
  • Get in the zone. Identify food and cooking categories that are important to you (baking, lunch items, dinner items etc.) and then designate an area for each. Position your most frequently used zones where it’s easy to reach. And, as always, label!
  • Get rid of stuff you aren’t using. One of the first things you should do when trying to organize your pantry is get rid of anything that simply isn’t getting used. Keep in mind that valuable pantry real estate may be more important than keeping niche items on the off chance that you’ll use them. And it goes without saying that anything expired should be tossed out.
  • Reassess your pantry on a weekly basis. Making pantry organizing a small part of your weekly meal-planning routine will help significantly to keep it in good shape without having to constantly overhaul. Plus, it’ll help refamiliarize yourself with everything you have, that way you aren’t forgetting about some of your less commonly used items.
  • Use household items to make storage easier. Multipurpose sheet pans really are… multipurpose. You can use them to group ingredients together more easily and to avoid inadvertent spills or leaks. They also make pantry cleanup much simpler. Other household items like crates, magazine racks, containers and jars are inexpensive solutions to giving your pantry more storage space.
  • Give your pantry a facelift. If your pantry area still feels too cramped and difficult to deal with, it might be time to consult a kitchen remodeler. Better kitchen cabinetry or a walk-in pantry area might be in order.


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