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Fun Ways to Spookify Your Kitchen this Halloween

halloween kitchen

Have you dressed up your kitchen for Halloween yet?

Do you like getting into the spirit of Halloween? It’s that fun time of year when you get to dress up in fun costumes and binge out on candy without any judgement. If you’re planning to throw a Halloween party this year, you’ll want to spookify your kitchen with all the creepiest Halloween decor. Here are a few easy and fun kitchen decorating tips.

Make Your Kitchen Counter Boo-tiful – Kitchen counters and tabletops are the perfect place to get creative with your favorite Halloween decorations. Pumpkins, candlesticks, fake cobwebs, and spooky Halloween colored cocktail glasses are easy do-it-yourself additions. Stick with classic black and orange colors or go with a striped black and white beetlejuice theme. And don’t forget to leave a space for Mr. Skeleton at the table.

Create a Creepy Cauldron – Creepy cauldrons are a fun way to serve guests. Fill yours with blood red punch or some refreshing orange and grape sodas.

Spookify Your Windows – Windowsills are an easy way to add Halloween decor without adding a bunch of clutter to your kitchen area. Halloween figurines, mini pumpkins and spider webs can all be added to make for a spooky atmosphere. A fun do-it-yourself idea: drape a white napkin or tissue paper over a lollipop. Add a few dots for a nose and mouth and you’ve got some spooky ghosts you can hang from your windows.

Mummify Your Knives – If you have a nice set of cutlery, one fun trick is to cut out a mummy or monster from paper and cover your knife holder with it. When you put the knives in, it will look as though they’ve sent your mummy to the grave.

Bring Wine Bottles Back from the Dead – If you have a few spare wine bottles or mason jars just sitting around, they will make perfect do-it-yourself Halloween decor additions. Simply take off the labels and paint them to like zombies, ghosts, and pumpkins.

Show Off Your Jack-O’-Lantern – No Halloween experience is complete without a jack-o’-lantern. Make sure that yours is the focal point of your haunted kitchen this Halloween.

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