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Planning a Walk-In Pantry for Your Kitchen

walk-in pantry

A walk-in pantry provides the storage space you need to make fewer trips to the grocery store.

A walk-in pantry is a great way to make your kitchen feel like the most important room in your house. With a walk-in pantry, you’ll have the storage capacity to significantly reduce shopping trips and take better advantage of bulk buying opportunities. That said, adding a walk-in pantry may take space from other kitchen or home functions, so it’s a good idea to plan your pantry design carefully in order to accommodate the needs of the rest of your home.

A Cool Dry Place

One of the best advantages of a walk in pantry is that it serves as an ideal storage location for dry foods. A cool dry place can extend the shelf life and prevent oxidation or spoilage of canned, packaged, and dried foods. Avoid placing your walk-in pantry near heat or humidity emitting appliances such as the dishwasher, stove, washing machine or clothes dry.

Space and Traffic

You will need to take measurements of your existing space in order to make sure your new walk-in pantry works efficiently and isn’t blocking other parts of your kitchen. If you choose to use doors, having them open out rather than in will make it easier to retrieve and carry items from the pantry. You will also want to measure the sweep of the door so that it will not interfere with the rest of your kitchen traffic.

Better Storage

Shelving should be one of your earliest considerations when planning a walk-in pantry, as you will want shelf heights and depths to fit with your space. You will also want to consider exactly what kind of items you’re going to be storing and how you will want them arranged. For example, you may need a space on the floor for a large sized bag of dog food. Creating a list of supplies will help you plan and give an overall view of how your pantry will work.


Your pantry is supposed to make finding things easier, not more difficult. Carefully consider the lighting design of your pantry. You will want to provide electrical outlets in convenient and easy to reach locations. Additional outlets also gives you the option of installing a wine cooler or other specialized appliances. You will also want to make sure your pantry has passive ventilation to keep air fresh and prevent food/cleaning odors from overwhelming the space.

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