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European Kitchen Design Influences from NKBA

european kitchen design

Material choices are essential for creating a cohesive kitchen experience.

Much like the fashion industry, European design has always had significant influence on the kitchen in terms of materials, trends, and aesthetics. National Kitchen and Bath Association insiders Alberto Villalobos and Mercedes Desio recently shared some of their favorite European kitchen design trends that have been surfacing in North America.

Creating a Personalized Kitchen with Material Choices

Europe is the leader when it comes to mixing materials to create a more personalized kitchen aesthetic. Finishes and materials such as glass, stone, marble, porcelain, wood–even leather–should work in tandem with one another to create a cohesive kitchen experience. The right mix of materials also generates a unique sense of visual texture. The Minotti Cucine showroom in Milan’s design district highlights how materials and symmetry can satisfy a more personal aesthetic.

The Integrated Kitchen Design

If there’s one trend to copy from European kitchens, it’s the idea of creating a smarter, more innovative space. Modern kitchens serve double-duty for both food prep and entertainment, but that doesn’t mean appliances and meal prep mess needs to be sprawled out for all to see. Clean, streamlined design that does a better job of hiding appliances and shelving is transforming the kitchen into a sleeker space for both entertaining and cooking.

In-Kitchen Growing Stations

Although technology is making huge inroads in kitchen design, many European designers are still embracing nature as a way to empower homeowners in the kitchen. Kitchen growing stations where you can grow your own produce and herbs year-round are incredibly popular. In-counter and on-counter composting system are another idea that are trending in the kitchen space. Not only are these additions incredibly practical, they contribute to a more beautiful overall kitchen.

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