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York Kitchen Remodeler: Upgrading Kitchen Organization & Storage

With the fast-paced and hectic lives we lead today, having a well-organized kitchen is essential to avoid clutter. In order to run your life and home smoothly, it will be well worth your while focusing on upgrading your kitchen’s organization and storage.  Here are several tips to help you to get your kitchen organized:

Organize Your Pantry

You will require at least one fair-sized pantry in order to organize foodstuff. Don’t just keep piling in the cans: Your pantry should be organized so that finding things is easy when you need them, and you also know immediately when you run low on food items.

One of the best ways to organize your pantry is dividing the space according to each type of food, such as: snacks; condiments; legumes; dried foods; canned meats; jams; sweeteners; grains; canned fruits and vegetables. Also, place the newest items in each category at the back, thus pushing the older items forward.

Organize Your Storage Cabinets

Many experts agree that when organizing cabinets, you can keep items that you use regularly in overhead cabinets above the kitchen counter or island – including utensils, dishes, or pots that you want close at hand. Larger and heavier items should be kept in lower cabinets.

Free-standing cabinets are great if you need additional storage space, and since they’re usually made from attractive materials, such cabinets are not only practical but also decorative.

Organize Your Cooking Utensils

These days, cooking utensils come in attractive colors and designs; hence, they need not be tucked away inside drawers. Besides being functional, you can use them to make a style statement or add to your kitchen’s interior design theme. For example, you could store cooking utensils right beside your stove in attractive storage bins or fix a wire mesh wall in your kitchen in which to hang and display them. ‘

Organize Your Tableware

Of course, the dishes you use day-to-day are usually kept in kitchen storage cabinets.  However, if you also have beautifully designed china or plates, you could store them in glass cabinets so that they are on display, too.

If you do keep them in the shelves, make sure you don’t crowd them together, and store “like with like.” For example, you should keep all the glasses in one cupboard and all of your cups on a different shelf. You should use a wide drawer to store your silverware, which you should be able to reach easily from your stove or counter.

Organize Your Appliances

Keep the kitchen appliances that you use only occasionally in those hard-to-reach places, which helps you to get them out of the way, thus reducing the clutter in your kitchen, plus making good use of those spaces. A good tip about appliances is not to go overboard about buying too many of them in the first place.

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Source: Buzzle Kitchen Organizing & Storage Tips

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