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Bathroom Flooring Tips from your Lancaster Bathroom Remodeler

Is your bathroom boring you as of late? Is it time for a change? Well, before you knock down walls and rip out that tub and toilet, consider a less intrusive bathroom remodeling project. Consider replacing your bathroom flooring.

Bathroom Flooring Tips

  1. Plan: “One of the biggest mistakes people make is poor planning,” said appraisal expert Leslie Sellers. “Homeowners need to come up with a master plan and complete the project in stages.”
  2. Waterproof: Remember, unlike any other room in your home, the floors in your bathroom need to be waterproof. Water will undoubtedly be splashed onto your floor on more than a few occasions. And God forbid your toilet ever backup and overflow. Because of all this, you need to ensure you choose a waterproof bathroom flooring option.
  3. Flooring on a Budget: If you want to update your bathroom, but you are on a tight budget, vinyl flooring may be your best option. These floors are durable, stylish, and won’t break the bank.
  4. Mid-Range Bathroom Flooring: Perhaps you have a little more money to spend. If so, ceramic tile is an excellent option to add elegance and style to your bathroom.
  5. High-End Bathroom Flooring: If money is no problem, natural stone (marble, limestone, and slate) flooring can really give your bathroom a new, elegant look!
  6. Lancaster Bathroom Remodeler: For close to 100 years, C.C. Dietz has been remodeling bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. No task is ever too large or too small! So give us a call today. We will make your dream bathroom a reality!

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