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What Does a Kitchen Remodel Really Cost?

Your cabinets are old and outdated, your laminate flooring has seen better days, and your kitchen is too cramped and tiny for your growing family. Clearly it’s time for a kitchen remodel! While this is an exciting undertaking, it can also be scary when you’re not sure how much of a financial investment you’ll have to make to create the York custom kitchen of your dreams. While the final cost of your York kitchen remodel could vary widely depending on a large number of factors, in today’s blog we’re going to offer some insight into what you can realistically expect to spend on creating the perfect custom kitchen.


Is it time for a kitchen remodel?

What Does a Kitchen Remodel Really Cost?

Average kitchen remodel cost

In 2016, the estimated average kitchen remodel will cost just shy of $20,000. Of course, this depends on how significant your remodel will be: If you choose to refinish cabinets rather than replace them, don’t plan on moving any walls or plumbing/gas lines, and will generally be revamping your kitchen rather than overhauling it you may spend closer to $10-$15,000. On the other hand, if you need to redo the entire layout of your York kitchen and invest in all new appliances, a York kitchen remodel can approach or even exceed $40,000. When planning a York kitchen remodel, it’s important to decide what you are comfortable spending and then plan your upgrades according to what you can afford.

Where does all that money go?

The National Kitchen and Bath Association estimate the cost breakdown for an average kitchen remodel as follows:

  • 29% of the budget is spent on cabinetry and associated hardware
  • Installation accounts for 17% of the total cost
  • 14% is spent on appliances and ventilation
  • Countertops cost 10% of the total budget
  • 7% is spent on flooring
  • Lighting and walls/ceilings count for 5% each
  • Doors/windows and faucets/plumbing account for 4% each
  • 1% is spent on miscellaneous expenses

By thinking through your priorities in each of these categories, you can design a York kitchen remodel that will fit comfortably in your budget and leave you with a kitchen that works with your needs.

Your York Custom Kitchen

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