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Common Kitchen Remodel Trends to Avoid

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, you want to choose a design that will stand the test of time, serve your needs, and not require another update in the next few years. While you’ll probably want your home to feel modern and of-the-moment, some trends just don’t last the test of time. Here are a few kitchen remodel trends that have been popular recently that you may want to avoid.

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Avoid these kitchen remodel trends if you want your design to last.

Common Kitchen Remodel Trends to Avoid

Colorful appliances

While a pop of color throughout your kitchen isn’t a bad thing, your appliances are one thing that are best left classic. Stainless steel never goes out of style and given how long most appliances should last, you don’t want a prospective buyer down the line to be turned off of your kitchen because they hate the red refrigerator you chose.

Apron/farmhouse sinks

Apron sinks were all the rage a few years ago, but they’re already starting to fall out of favor. While they offer a streamlined look that fits in well with the modern aesthetic that’s so popular with today’s kitchen remodels, they’re a trend that simply doesn’t seem to have staying power. Choose a classic porcelain or stainless steel sink for one that you will love as much as your home’s future buyer will.

On-the-counter microwaves

For today’s homeowners, counterspace is as precious as gold so during your kitchen remodel design planning, think about where you can place your microwave that will keep your counters free. A popular option is to mount microwaves underneath the counter, which leaves them at a good height for children and doesn’t take up any extra space. However, ensure to choose a microwave that has a child safety lock feature if you have kids in your home to prevent any accidents.

Open pot racks

A popular trend a few years ago were pot racks that made your pan collection the focal point of the kitchen. Today’s homeowners are much more concerned with a streamlined and open-concept look, so this trend has already fallen out of favor.

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