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Planning a York Custom Kitchen

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, and for good reason. It’s a space where families gather to share meals, cook together, and spend quality time. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your kitchen is designed to meet your needs. If you purchased a home whose kitchen isn’t really your style or doesn’t accommodate you in the ways you need, a York custom kitchen may be just the answer. Learn more about the benefits of a custom kitchen and how to get started on the planning process in today’s blog, below.

york custom kitchen

A custom kitchen will be designed to meet your needs.

Planning a York Custom Kitchen

Benefits of a York custom kitchen

By designing your own custom kitchen, you can create a layout and add features that make your kitchen work for you. Perhaps you love making pastry, in which case a marble island will take your skills to the next level. Or perhaps you have a collection of antique pyrex that you would like to display: customized open shelving can provide the perfect focal point for your new custom kitchen. Whatever your needs,  a custom kitchen will be designed to meet them so that your kitchen is a room you’re totally in love with.

How to plan a custom kitchen

The first step is to consider your space. If your kitchen is too small for your needs, you may need to open up a wall into an adjacent room to add more room. Begin by considering the layout and floorplan: How do you want to be able to move throughout the space? How will it tie into the layout of the rest of your home? Will you have enough space to walk easily and accommodate the amount of shelving and cabinet space you need?


The floorplan of your custom kitchen is the most important consideration you’ll make. Think through what you dislike about your kitchen as it is now and decide what the best way to change it would be.


Your York Custom Kitchen

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