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The Essential Tips for a Family-Friendly Kitchen Design

family friendly kitchen design

Lowering countertops in your family-friendly kitchen design helps children avoid potential injury.

As your family expands, you are likely considering a kitchen remodel that can better suit your needs as a parent. This new kitchen design should also provide a safe, inviting space for your children. Kitchen remodels are quite an undertaking, so it is best to find a kitchen design that will remain suitable for your family’s needs as everyone grows older. There are a few ways you can plan a family-friendly kitchen design while ensuring a classic style that will satisfy you for years to come.

Prioritize Your Cabinetry Layout

A well-organized cabinetry layout is essential for any successful kitchen, but it can be especially useful when part of a family-friendly kitchen design. The cabinetry layout can help you find the best flow for storage and appliances that will save you extra hassle when preparing meals or heating baby bottles late at night.

Plan for Messes

Kids are going to be messy no matter what, so it is best to prepare for these messes rather than stress trying to prevent them. Make cleaning your kitchen easy and include organized design features like pull-out trash cans and recycling bins. These make it easy to throw away messes and conceal odors quickly. 

Countertop Options

Consider materials like Quartz or Corian for your family-friendly kitchen countertops. They are essentially indestructible, easy to clean, and are hygienically non-porous and safe for your kids. 

Safety Features for a Family-Friendly Kitchen Design

Kids are not always aware of the dangerous elements of a kitchen. Installing these safety features will help prevent children from accidentally injuring themselves while in the family kitchen.

Round Edge Details

When choosing a countertop surface, pick a style with a rounded edge. These are less damaging than a sharp corner. 

Lowered Countertop Heights

Consider lowering a section of your countertops to a child-friendly height. A family-friendly kitchen design will offer the children a kitchen surface where they can safely prepare their food without stretching or standing on other furniture, which could easily lead to injury. 

Touch-free Faucets

Kids can have a difficult time turning faucets on and off and finding the right temperature, and they may accidentally scald their hands. Touch-free faucets, which use motion sensors, can be pre-set to a safe “start temperature” that can prevent your child from turning on extreme temperatures. 

Family-Friendly Storage

Dedicate a drawer or cabinet in the under-cabinet section and fill it with children’s dishes, cutlery, and snacks. This supplies the kids with everything they would need at a safe operating level, while still encouraging their healthy curiosity in kitchen activities. 

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