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Choosing an Overmount or Undermount Kitchen Sink

undermount kitchen sink

Undermount kitchen sinks such as this one are more fashionable but harder to clean.

A sink is an essential component of your kitchen design. When selecting a kitchen sink, you must consider factors like size, depth, dividers, and materials. However, what you should determine first is whether you want an overmount or undermount kitchen sink. That decision will simplify all future choices. Both sink options have specific benefits and potential drawbacks that are important to know before you make your decision. 

Undermount Kitchen Sink

An Undermount kitchen sink sits under the counter so that the edge of the sink is below the level of the countertop. The best countertop materials to use with undermount sinks are quartz, natural stone, and any solid surface. There are three types of undermount sink installations, including: 

  • Positive reveal: the counter stops before the edge of the sink, creating a ledge
  • Negative reveal: the counter overhangs the sink a little
  • Flush: the counter and sink edges are aligned


  • Creates attractive, clean lines
  • Gives you slightly more counter space
  • Easy to wipe food and mess directly into the sink
  • Their increased depth is convenient for cleaning large pots and pans
  • The appealing look of an undermount sink often lends your home a higher resale value


  • Often more expensive
  • Professional installation is recommended
  • There is a risk of chipping the counter edges when moving heavy dishes
  • Water can get into the gap between the sink and counter if it is not perfectly sealed
  • Best used with waterproof, non-porous countertops, or a water-resistant composite. Do not use with wood countertops or countertops that are not solid. 

Overmount Kitchen Sink

Also known as “top-mount” or “drop-in” sinks, an overmount kitchen sink has a lip that covers a small area of the countertop. Overmount sinks are compatible with all countertop materials, including laminate, tile, solid surface, composites, and natural stone.


  • These sinks are true “drop-in” sinks and are easier for DIY installation
  • Usually more affordable, even with a professional installation
  • Appropriate for porous countertops or non-solid countertops


  • The lip of the sink interrupts the countertop’s level surface
  • Less attractive design
  • Can collect food particles and water around the edges, which can result in mold if not cleaned

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