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A Few Dos and Don’ts For Your Bathroom Remodel

a marble double vanity for your bathroom remodel

When planning your bathroom remodel, set aside expenses for your vanity

When preparing to remodel your bathroom, it can become challenging to know what the best options may be for both style and affordability. Knowing where to spend time and money in your bathroom remodel, and where to keep things simple, is an essential part of a successful remodel. Read on to review a few dos and don’ts for your bathroom remodeling process. 

Do Find Design Inspiration for Your Bathroom Remodel First

Before you start on long-term remodel projects, you should have a firm idea of what you want the finished bathroom to be. Find different bathroom designs you like and choose your favorite elements. Discuss with your contractor as well what remodeling adjustments are possible within your home’s architecture. 

Do Not Forget Your Budget

It is important throughout your bathroom remodel journey to be realistic about your budget. Looking frankly at your finances is the best way to help you make decisions about what costs are essential and which can be negotiated. 

Do Keep High-End Items Neutral

Allow your high-end bathroom features, such as flooring and the shower, to act as a blank canvas. This will make it easier to alter your bathroom design as trends change, or your taste evolves. Infuse your personality into the accessories, which are easier to change. Paint colors, hand towels, and wall art can all add plenty of style to a bathroom even if the significant features are “plain.”

Do Not Forego Storage Space

An essential part of your bathroom is storage space, but people can often forget to install it during a remodel. If you have space, consider bumping out a wall during your bathroom remodel to include an extra storage closet with built-in shelving. 

Do Spend More on the Shower

Luxurious showers, acting as a bathroom’s focal point, are increasingly popular in bathroom remodels. Installing a high-end shower today not only means that this feature will supply you with comfort for years but that, should you sell your house, the shower will be an excellent selling point. 

Do Not Slight the Vanity

Your bathroom vanity is another great feature that can make a big statement. You will use your vanity multiple times a day, so it is worth installing one which is visually beautiful and practically useful for your needs. You can always change the details of your vanity in the future if you feel the need to change the style of your bathroom remodel. 

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