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Home Addition Tips for York and Lancaster, PA

If you want to add more space and more value to your home, a new home addition may be just what you need. Whether you’re looking for a sunroom, a family room, a two-story addition or even a bathroom addition, C.C. Dietz, Inc. Building and Remodeling has you covered. As your family grows, the space in your current house shrinks down to nothing. The thoughts of moving to a new house begin to enter your head. However, if you want to stay where you are, consider remodeling and adding to your home to make it into the dream home that you’ve always wanted. Here are a few tips on tackling your home addition project:


  • Figure out why and what to renovate – Before you jump into a home addition project, you’ll want to figure out which part of your home you’d like to add. List the reasons and benefits that the new renovation will bring to your home. It’s also a good idea to contact local realtors and appraisers in order to find out what kind of value an addition will join to your York, PA home’s existing value.
  • Come up with a budget – Once you come up with a realistic, financially sound budget you can begin planning the kind of addition. Homewyze recommends limiting the cost of a home addition project to no more than 21% of the home’s total value. Also, changes in property taxes and home insurance may both happen after a home addition project. Budgeting for those changes as well will be helpful in having a successful York or Lancaster, PA home addition project.
  • Get a home inspection – It’s a good idea to have your home inspected by professional contractors (such as C.C. Dietz) before you dive into a home addition project. Problems like termites, missing electrical panels, inadequate HVAC work could add unforeseen costs and worries to your Lancaster, PA home addition project. Getting a home inspection can save you from the hassle of finding these kinds of home problems later in your project.
  • Make the plans – After all of that preparation, it’s finally time to get down to the actual plans of the home addition. Review plans of homes similar to yours that already have some of the additions you’re thinking of. Or you can come up with an idea that turns into a design of your own. Team up with C.C. Dietz, we can help you through the process of design and implement your new home addition.

C.C. Dietz provides bedrooms, sunrooms, family rooms and guest rooms that can be added to existing structures. They’ll save you the time and money involved in selling your home and purchasing a new home. Our team can design an addition, file for the proper permits, and begin building – without disrupting your everyday activities. We employ the highest-grade foremen and carpenters, many of who have partnered with us for years.


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