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The Great Debate: The Kitchen Island vs. The Kitchen Table

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Choosing between a kitchen island and a kitchen table is difficult for most homeowners!

Throughout history, the kitchen table has been one of the centers of the home. It was where the family gathered for dinner at the end of the workday, where children sat to do their homework after they returned home from school and the place where parents read the newspaper every morning. Over time, the kitchen island has taken away many of the functions that the kitchen table once served. With the kitchen island gaining popularity every year, it’s time to settle the great debate—kitchen island or kitchen table.

The Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are functional countertops and cabinets that are part of your kitchen. They are flexible so that you can use them for storage and eating at the same time. You can either stand at the kitchen island or take a seat on a barstool. Kitchen islands are also particularly useful for entertaining, as guests can hang out with you while you are preparing dinner. The kitchen island is the perfect transition piece of furniture from the kitchen table to the dining room.

Kitchen islands also allow for a greater amount of storage. Many kitchen islands can include at least two cabinets and two drawers, in addition to storage space on top of the kitchen countertop. Some kitchen islands also hold the stovetop for additional cooking space. They are very versatile and can meet just about any kitchen need that you have.

The Kitchen Table

The kitchen table continues to be one of the central meeting areas of the home. It carries with it a cozy and warm feeling, thanks to its small size and positive memories. Kitchen tables also serve an important purpose in your home, as they help to divide the living spaces, kitchen area, and dining area. Without a kitchen table to divide up any space, particularly in an open-concept kitchen plan, the room can feel too open and unstructured. Kitchen tables work well for smaller kitchens that also cannot accommodate an island without crowding the space. Kitchen islands require a minimum of 36” space all around for movement.

The Final Call

When weighing all of the benefits of the kitchen island and kitchen table, one thing is clear—the best option is to choose both! The kitchen island serves as a hub of entertaining while the kitchen table is the perfect place to unite your family every night.

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