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3 Colors To Use For A Mood Stimulating Kitchen


All it takes is some color to transform a kitchen from drab to fab!

Think of color as a tool to use in your kitchen design to cultivate a particular mood within the space. In fact, associating certain colors with feelings has become a thing. These days, color psychology is heavily studied, and although subjective, certain colors can actually create a certain feeling in an individual. However, certain colors have a universal effect which is why they may be the perfect choice for your kitchen.

Consider Passionate And Bold Red

Red can evoke two different emotions depending on the specific shade used. In fact, bright red is a stimulating color that evokes a sense of courage. It can be perfect for instances when you want to raise your self-confidence. Be aware though, that too much bright red can severely agitate someone leaving them over-excited and extremely uncomfortable. Being conscious about the amount of red you use in your kitchen can really be the best way to incorporate the color into any space efficiently.

On the other hand, a dark red can ignite passionate feelings in individuals who are surrounding by it. In fact, using a dark red can be quite useful for anyone who wants to overcome different emotional blocks. Having trouble expressing yourself? Consider painting your kitchen in a dark red shade to help you get out of the rut.

A Little Pink Never Hurt Anyone

Pink is a color that is directly connected to the heart. In fact, pink serves as a soothing color that promotes a sense of love and tenderness. As a result, incorporating color into a kitchen can really increase people’s ability to accept and receive love. Therefore, using pink flowers or throw rugs in a kitchen can really do wonders for the ambiance within the space.

Orange You Glad We Thought Of Orange?

The color of confidence, orange is a vibrant hue that feels celebratory. In fact, while youthful, it can be used in a kitchen to create a lively environment for the whole family to enjoy. Orange allows you to express yourself which is essential for life in general confidently. As a result, incorporating some orange elements into your kitchen can really do wonders for the feel of the space.

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