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Top 4 Kitchen And Bathroom Design Myths, Busted


Creating a kitchen or bathroom that you love is easier than you think!

Contemplating a kitchen or bathroom remodel? Overwhelmed with all the design choices you need to make? Every homeowner struggles to make design decisions when it comes to their kitchen and bathroom remodels. As a result, we have created an easy guide to all the myths surround a kitchen or bathroom design and setting the record straight concerning the best designs for your home.

Myth #1: Style Over Practicality

Homeowners must always take practicality into consideration when it comes to a bathroom or kitchen design. In fact, while you want your kitchen or bath to look gorgeous when it’s completed, you need to think of how any space is typically used in your home. If you have a large family and need a ton of kitchen cabinet storage, creating a beautiful kitchen without the appropriate amount of storage will not provide you with that dream kitchen you’ve always envisioned. Instead, choosing designs that complement a homeowners lifestyle is typically ideal when embarking on a kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Myth #2: A Kitchen Or Bath Remodel Won’t Add Value To My Home

This couldn’t be further from the truth. On the contrary, a kitchen and bathroom remodeling are two of the most popular rooms to remodel due to their very high return on investment. When it comes time to sell your home, you’ll be delighted that you decided to invest in a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Home buyers love seeing brand new kitchen fixtures and bathroom appliances that have been updated within the last few years.

Myth #3: Choose Affordable Options When Conducting A Remodel

Everyone wants to cut costs somewhere when they are undergoing a kitchen or bathroom remodel. However, it may behoove homeowners to avoid choosing the cheapest priced materials or appliances in their kitchen or bathroom. In fact, choosing the most affordable option may end up costing you a fortune in the long-run when the refrigerator breaks down a year later or even sooner.

Myth #4: Remodeling A Kitchen Or Bathroom Is Simply Too Expensive

While it does require an investment from homeowners to conduct a remodel of their kitchen or bath initially, it really isn’t as expensive as people often believe. In fact, when done properly, a kitchen or bathroom can create lasting enjoyment for the family which is truly priceless.

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