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York Kitchen Remodel: How to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

So you’re getting ready to do a York kitchen remodel, but you’re stuck on how to make your small kitchen feel bigger. The first thing to try would be to expand the footprint of the kitchen itself, but what if this isn’t an option? If you’re stuck with the size of your small kitchen as it is, don’t worry. There are still things you can do to make your small kitchen feel bigger.


These tips for your York kitchen remodel will help your small kitchen feel bigger!

York Kitchen Remodel: How to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to making a space feel bigger. Kitchen cabinets are a great place to install mirrors. In addition, if you have empty space on the backsplash that you want to fill up, consider installing mirrors instead of tile. You might be surprised out how much mirrors can do for a small kitchen!

Stick to Neutral Colors

Bright, bold colors might be fun, but they also have the effect of making a space look smaller. Stick with neutral colors like white, gray, or beige for your small kitchen. In addition to making it feel bigger, these colors are also more attractive to buyers. Always keep in mind the potential resale value of your York kitchen remodel!

Add Shelves on Empty Walls

Have an empty wall opposite the kitchen cabinets? Try adding some open shelving. Open shelving will give you a lot more storage space, which means you won’t have to store as much stuff, if anything, on the counter itself. Another great benefit of open shelving is that it offers incredibly easy access to whatever you choose to store there.

Use Trays and Baskets on the Countertop

Speaking of the countertop, a great way to contain the things you store there is to use trays and baskets. You can use different trays and baskets to store different categories of items, so you’ll always know where everything is. Plus, this eliminates clutter from the countertop, making it look nicer and feel bigger.

For more tips on your York kitchen remodel and how to make a small kitchen feel bigger, talk to C.C. Dietz!

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