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Tailoring a York Bathroom Remodel for a Homebuyer

While styles and fashions will always change, new homebuyers place a great deal of importance in bathrooms with modern amenities and updates.

If you’re preparing to sell your home or your home is still sitting on the market, a York bathroom remodel can help increase buyer interest. When you plan on giving your bathroom a makeover, what should you keep in mind?


How can you tailor your York bathroom remodel for a homebuyer?

Tailoring a York Bathroom Remodel for a Homebuyer

Improve Storage Space

Young families can quickly outgrow a home, and one of the reasons is that there is simply not enough space in the bathrooms to accommodate more family members. For a York bathroom remodel, you will want to focus on improving the current storage capabilities of your bathroom. Deeper medicine cabinets, shelves above the toilet and nearby shelves in a linen closet are all great ways to provide more storage for your bathroom. Most new homeowners want a turnkey property so adding these pieces will be a definite bonus in the eyes of a new homeowner.

Adding Color and New Paint

Some bathrooms in older homes remind people of a dungeon, so you will want to add softer features. You don’t want to go crazy and add neon colors, but you do want to create a sense of warmth. Pairing colors that compliment the tile of your bathroom is a great way to highlight the positive features of your bathroom and is very popular in most York bathroom remodels. Remember, the goal for a bathroom remodel is to appeal to as many people as possible by combining modern and classic design elements in your bathroom to create a timeless appeal.

Replacing Fixtures

New homebuyers do not want a laundry list of updates that they will have to make when they move in, so updating your fixtures in your bathroom remodel is important. Even if you have older sinks and tubs, you can still make it shine with new handles, faucets and hardware.

Something as simple as replacing a toilet seat cover can really make a huge difference, so consult a professional remodeling service to find out what kind of options can really add a return on investment for your home and attract new buyers.

Your York Bathroom Remodel

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