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Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you’ve got the urge to give your kitchen a fresh new look, one of the first things to examine are your cabinets. There are lots of great additions you can make to your kitchen cabinets that are easy to do yourself and will result in a brand new look that can really change the dynamic of your kitchen. Let’s talk about a few projects you can take on to breathe new life into those old cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Projects


A new paint job is sure to brighten up tired cabinets. If you’re going to paint your cabinets, make sure you go about it the right way. Clean cabinets to get rid of contaminants that could cause paint to peel later, and then sand them with a 150-grit sandpaper and apply a bonding primer before painting. Take off cabinet doors and lay them down to paint them, and paint one side at a time, letting each side dry first. Light colors make your kitchen look bigger. You might also want to consider adding wood moulding when painting your cabinets, another cabinet upgrade that is easiest to do when painting so the two can be matched.


Under cabinet lighting helps you shed light on cutting boards and other food prep tasks on the counter. And there’s no need to do expensive and complicated wiring. New stick-on LED lights can be stuck under cabinets and run on batteries to do away with wires.

New Hardware

New knobs and pulls can give a subtle and understated new aesthetic to your kitchen. Keeping hardware consistent (i.e., one-hole pulls with one-hole replacements), will save you the trouble of new drilling.

Glass Inserts

If your cabinet doors have removable panels, you can replace them with glass inserts in a variety of styles. From traditional transparent panels to bubbled, translucent, and antique styles, you can choose a style that suits your overall aesthetic.

kitchen cabinet upgrades

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