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Tips For Designing the Perfect Guest Bathroom

guest bathroom

Designing a bathroom for guests to enjoy is easier than you think!

While entertaining friends and family who are staying with you, you want to make sure to be the perfect host, hospitable, and be able to provide a comfortable bedroom for them to stay as well as a sense of comfort they’d have in their own guest bathroom.  For most of us, the nearest we come to a large spacious bathroom with a deep full-length bath, his and hers sinks and warm fluffy towels are when we visit a luxurious hotel.  Unfortunately, a lot of guest bathrooms in today’s age are quite small. But small doesn’t have to mean confined because, with some clever use of light and materials, you can achieve some amazing results.

Making The Most Of Your Bathroom Space

While many guest bathrooms tend to be smaller in size there are ways which they can be given an upgrade with the illusion of more space. Why not try tiling right up to the ceiling with a light shaded tile color? Not only does this brighten up the bathroom but it draws the eye upwards making it seem more spacious. Using larger mirrors and a glass shower enclosure can really increase the feel of freedom and space. Why not install a floating sink and toilet, which not only showcase style but is also practical as it can provide space for amenities such as toiletries.

Choose Your Own Distinctive Style

As a homeowner, your house should reflect your own unique style, though obviously as the proprietor of your home your guest bathroom might not be the one you frequent the most. It can still be an extension of your personality with your own design. You may opt to go for a pure white design from top to bottom that can exude class and tranquility. Or if your guest bathroom is on the top floor, install a skylight, which can really brighten up the room. A popular trend in guest bathrooms today, which also serves as a practical solution, is elongated shelves. While slim they are an excellent storage unit but with its slimming look it doesn’t take up an abundance of space.

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