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A Few Important Things To Consider When Deciding Whether Or Not To Live In A Home Undergoing Construction


Undergoing a home renovation can be an overwhelming process.

Most intense renovations require homeowners to either live somewhere else or suffer the loud noise and messy conditions that come along with a remodel. For many, picking up and moving the whole family seems like a no-brainer, while for others relocating an entire family along with all the pets is simply a laborious task that many homeowners do not want to deal with. Here are some things every homeowner needs to consider when deciding if they need to get out of their homes during a renovation project.

What Is Being Renovated?

Undergoing a complete gut renovation? If so, it may be wise to get the family out, no matter how arduous the task may be. When a home is completely gutted there may be times when the water needs to be shut off and can make everyday living extremely difficult for everyone in the family including the pets. On the other hand, are you considering a bathroom or kitchen remodel? Renovating one single room in a home is much easier to live through than a whole house renovation. In fact, most contractors will even recommend that homeowners move out if they are going to be doing a complete gut renovation.

Live Clean During And After A Renovation

If you choose to stay in your home while part of it gets a face-lift, there are some easy ways you can help yourself and your entire family stay clean while a mess ensues. There are various ways contractors can assist you with keeping your home clean like installing drywall that can actively remove toxins from the air. In addition, once the construction is completed this specific drywall will continue to remove the toxins from the air creating a space that is devoid of any harmful chemicals. Furthermore, homeowners can live cleaner during the construction of their homes by investing in a commercial-grade air scrubber. These can be rented and are often used by contractors to create the negative air pressure within the construction area.


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