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Spring York Kitchen Remodeling Tips from C.C. Dietz

A cook is only as good as his kitchen. While it may not be a common folk saying, we here at C.C. Dietz think it is especially true. Your kitchen should be a cooking haven; a place that you can’t wait to come home to and whip up some delicious meals for yourself and whoever you decide to have over as guests. If you want to take this spring as an opportunity to go ahead and remodel your kitchen, C.C. Dietz has you covered. Here are a few Spring bathroom remodeling design tips from C.C. Dietz:

  1. Highlight the cooking area – The cooking area is where most of the magic in the kitchen happens. You want to bring focus to it and show it off, the functionality of your kitchen can mesh with good design to create a welcome and inviting cooking area that will want to make your guests cook for you.
  2. Keep your dishes closer to reach – Far too often, cabinets are too high and far away from your reach. This prevents ease of access to your dishes and can make it difficult to efficiently organize them. By bringing the dishes closer to the counter and your reach, you’re giving yourself a chance to keep your kitchen in good working order. And when remodeling, you don’t have to replace the old cabinets with new cabinets, you could choose a simple wall-mount plate rack to change things up.
  3. Consider your faucets – You have to consider what kind of functionality you want out of your faucets. It’s good to decide what kind of capacity you want your main faucet to have and which features (such as a splash guard) are essential to the way you use your sinks and your kitchen in general.
  4. Illuminate your kitchen – You’ll need good lighting for every you do in the kitchen. From making lunches to doing the dishes, you want to be able not only to see, but to have the way the illumination hits your new kitchen should be tasteful as well as useful.
  5. Give guests proper seating – If your kitchen’s size allows it, you should plan to have proper seating for anyone who might be visiting your kitchen. This could include a small guest table with chairs where guests can sit as food and refreshments are brought out.
  6. Use your creativity – It’s your kitchen, you should be able to design it the way you want to. A good mix of functionality and style is recommended, with an emphasis on your kitchen reflecting your own personality.

If you need some assistance remodeling your kitchen, let C.C. Dietz do it. Pick up the phone and call C.C. Dietz, your York kitchen remodeler, today! C.C. Dietz can perform a total remodel, or improve the existing space and traffic patterns. And when we’re finished, you’ll have a brand new kitchen that performs as well as it looks.

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Source: 25 Tips to Get the Ultimate Kitchen, Better Homes and Gardens

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