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How to Make an Unfinished Basement More Habitable

unfinished basement with area rug

An area rug is a great way to cozy up your unfinished basement.

A good way to improve your home’s living space is to make your unfinished basement a little cozier. Obviously the most effective way to do this would be to give your basement the final remodeling touches it deserves. However, remodeling takes lengthy planning to get right, and you may want to make good use of your basement in the meantime. While you get to work on the design process, here are a few easy ways to make your unfinished basement more inviting.

  • Remove Moisture –  Moisture is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to basements. No one wants to spend time in a place that feels and smells damp and mildewy. A humidifier, improved ventilation and a ceiling fan can go along way towards solving basement moisture issues.
  • Paint the Ceiling – Did you know that painting your ceiling with a dark color will give the illusion of height? In addition to hiding away any unsightly joists and ductwork, painting your basement ceiling a dark color will give it a more roomy atmosphere.
  • Install New Lighting – A basement without effective lighting fixtures will feel like a dungeon. Recessed lighting is great for eliminating dark spots and making your overall space feel larger. Instead of ceiling lights that people will inevitably bump into, opt for track lighting that sits close to the ceiling.
  • Add Area Rugs – Bare concrete floors are cold and uninviting. A floor covering such as an area rug is a great way to make your basement cozier. Area rugs are incredibly versatile and easy to customize. When you start planning a remodel, consider cork floors as they are durable and provide a warmer surface.
  • Comfy Seating – Even after your remodel, the basement should remain one of the most comfortable areas in your house. You should choose seating that is comfortable and relaxing. Bean bag chairs are a great option that you can just melt into while you watch movies, play video games, or enjoy a bottle of wine.
  • Hide Unattractive Items – Basements tend to be home to water heaters and other visually unappealing appliances. Smart use of curtains, bookshelves, and room dividers can help hide these items away while also making your basement more functional and aesthetically beautiful.


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