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5 Common Kitchen Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

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It’s important that your kitchen employs a variety of different types of lighting.

Lighting is an essential component of good kitchen interior design. Not only does lighting help define your space, but using the right light will help you save energy where it’s needed most. Still, a large part of designing effective kitchen lighting is simply knowing what things you should not do. Here are a few things to be on the lookout for.

1. Too Many Recessed Downlights

One of the most common errors people make is installing too many downlights. Although builder-spec’d can lights are typically inexpensive, laying them out in a grid will not provide optimal lighting. In addition, unless they are adjustable or wall wash fixtures, can lights don’t put out sufficient light over vertical surfaces (where the eye perceives light). That’s a lot of wasted energy only to have a space that still feels like a cave.

2. Forgetting Task Lights

Fluorescent or LED task lights are a great way to light up cabinetry units. Wall-mounted or ceiling adjustable fixtures can also work for kitchen designs that lack upper cabinets over some work surfaces. Also remember to choose the color temperature wisely.

3. Forgetting Ambient and Accent Lights

Most lighting designers try to incorporate a variety of different types of light. While task light is important for more concentrated areas, ambient light is still necessary for just walking around and conversing throughout your space. Accent lights can also be used to highlight the most interesting and important architectural features of your kitchen space. Perhaps you want to showcase a beautiful ceramic collection? A combination of all three types of light imbues your kitchen with much greater functionality.

4. Failing to Control Lights Separately

Just as it is important to have different types of fixtures, it’s also important to have the flexibility to control them separately. That might mean installing multiple light switches or using a simple programmable wallbox system. Sometimes you will want to keep certain lights dimmed while still maintaining the brightness of other fixtures.

5. Choosing Fixtures Base on How They Look

While it’s nice to have a light fixture that looks beautiful, light output and performance are still the most important factors. Choosing the wrong fixture simply because it looks good will often times leave you with a lot of wasted energy and a less optimal distribution of light. A professional lighting designer can help make sure that your light fixture choices are appropriate for the space you’re remodeling.

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