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Lancaster Bathroom Remodeling: Maximizing your Bathroom Remodeling Budget

An all-out bathroom remodel can cost a pretty penny. And in this economy, many homeowners simply cannot afford a total tear out. Luckily, these homeowners have options!

Bathroom Remodeling Tips for the Cost-Conscious Homeowners

  1. Shower or Tub Enclosure: A new shower enclosure can give your bathroom a new, stylish look without breaking the bank. While a new tub or shower can be costly, a new enclosure is much more economical.
  2. Swap out the Toilet: Unlike a brand new tub, a new toilet is rather inexpensive. And replacing a toilet can give your bathroom a new look, especially if it is done in conjunction with a new shower enclosure.
  3. New Sink: If your current sink is chipped, cracked, or just out-of-date, consider replacing it. Like the toilet, a new sink is rather inexpensive.
  4. Replace the Floors: Often overlooked by most homeowners, new floors can completely change the style of a bathroom. And if you go with linoleum or tile, you can replace your bathroom flooring without breaking the bank.
  5. Let’s shed some Light on the Problem: Believe it or not, adding new lighting can really transform your boring bathroom.
  6. A Fresh Coat of Paint: Perhaps the least expensive off all our tips, but one of the most effective is a fresh coat of paint. This inexpensive remodeling technique will completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom.

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