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Wood And White Kitchens Are The New White

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Creating a custom kitchen that stays on trend is easier than you think.

The kitchen can be an overlooked room in a home when it comes to presentation- with such high foot traffic and usage it can become an endless cycle of cleaning and mopping. So why not break the monotonous cycle and treat your kitchen with the same sense of style and character you would for a more unique room? With that in mind, today we’re going to take a look at one of the freshest new looks and design trends to hit the kitchen scene this year: the wood and white finished kitchen, the revival of a classic.

A Balanced Look

It should come as entirely no surprise that this kitchen design trend has taken off, as the combination of white bouncing off wood can really help create a relaxing aura, even more so if the wood being used is of a lighter grain. Whenever wood is being used in a remodeling project, it instantly instills a natural ambiance into the home; whenever we use white colors, it brings an organized and balanced feel to the area which, as we all know, can sometimes be beneficial while slaving over a hot stove. Aside from the kitchen, this combination can indeed be used in any room in the room. The same principles of visual juxtaposition used in this kind of design, such as painting the panels white and leaving the cabinets wooden, can be applied all over the time!

A Timeless Look

White has been an ever-present option regarding to kitchen color, and to this day remains on top of the list, and it’s easy to understand why. Simply put, a white kitchen will never look dated. Additionally, every possible color looks good when paired with white. Even other neutrals like gray, beige, and black work extraordinarily well with white. In fact, white isn’t just appealing to the eye, but it also is emotionally appealing, since white looks clean and fresh and represents simplicity. White walls, wooden cabinets, and countertops can efficiently reflect both interior and exterior light, making even the smallest kitchen appear significantly more substantial. When this look gets twisted by modern designers, you can use fun styling tips like focusing the wooden aspects of the design on the bottom half of the kitchen, like the floors and lower cabinets, and shift to white colored fixtures as you move upward!

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