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What To Expect From Kitchens Of The Future

kitchen future

The future of kitchens involves a lot of new technology!

With phrases like “smart-homes” and the “internet of things” being thrown around all the time, it makes us wonder what lies ahead for the future of technology within our kitchens. After some careful research, some impressive technological advances are making their way into kitchens around the globe, leading us to wonder what the future of your kitchen will potentially look like. Here are just a few ways kitchens could be evolving and changing over time.

The In-Sink Dishwasher

This could be the latest technological advance that makes its way into every kitchen in America. In fact, right now there are a few in-sink dishwasher products available. However, in the future, it seems like products will be a lot more affordable than they are right now. As a result, more and more homeowners will be turning towards the in-sink dishwasher to clean all their dirty dishes in no time!

A Barcode Reading Microwave

This is one of the more genius innovations we’ve seen in a long time. In fact, the barcode reading microwave is capable of saving on food waste or overheating. By using the UPC barcode on most foods, the microwave of the future will be able to read the barcode, know precisely what is in the package, and cook it accordingly for you.

An Interactive Display Backsplash

And we all thought backsplashes were just a decorative kitchen feature. The future incorporates this kitchen design element into a useful tool for homeowners to take advantage of. In fact, being fully integrated with all your devices, an interactive display backsplash will be able to assist the home cook in how to properly make delicious recipes and meals with just a touch of a finger. As a result, the interactive display backsplash will be able to keep your life on schedule without you really having to worry about picking the kids up from school on time or how long it’ll take you to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the entire family.

An Intelligent Tabletop

Just like the interactive display backsplash, the interactive tabletop is something that can provide some much-needed ease to homeowners everywhere. In fact, experts have imagined an integrated kitchen cooktop that has an overhead camera which can visually interpret the items on the tabletop, as well as your movements. As a result, this impressive feature can suggest recipe steps and assists you in preparing your meal.

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