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Top Trends To Incorporate Into Your York, PA Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodel trends

The best trends for your kitchen remodel.

As our kitchens continue to expand and become more than just places to eat but gathering spots where entertaining thrives. Due to this ever-evolving trend, designers have made it easier to accomplish the tasks that most homeowners desire, like making it easier to entertain guests and more functional to prepare meals in. The new dual-purpose kitchen- to entertain and prepare meals at the same time has garnered a lot of fans and as such has made designers turn their creativity into preparing unique kitchen designs that turn any kitchen from drab to fab in no time.

A New Sink For The New Age

Every homeowner who spends time in their kitchen wants a space that is both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. By creating a sink that can feature as a hub for your cooking and baking needs, while at the same time allowing for social gatherings is the ideal design. Based on the desired needs of the homeowner, designers are able to create a customizable sink that will allow you to prepare your meals while simultaneously entertaining guests all in one space.

Say Hello To Gray

Gray has become the new white in kitchen designs. Although white will always be an undeniable classic color that creates a clean look in any kitchen, gray is making is presence known in kitchens all around. While still in the neutral family of colors, gray is a color that evokes a serene and calming atmosphere in a kitchen.

Mixing Materials

Lately, there has been a rise in mixing countertop materials, from combining quartz with granite to designate different zones in the kitchen, a mixed countertop adds a distinct look to any kitchen.

Functionality Reigns Supreme

These days, kitchen manufacturers are contributing more and more functional kitchen designs that homeowners are simply falling head over heels for. From storage solutions to enhanced soft-close hardware, kitchen designers are stepping it up to make the lives of homeowners easier and embracing a more functional approach to kitchen design.

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