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Choose The Best Kitchen Layout For Your York, PA Home

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What type of kitchen layout is best for your home?

Typically, the kitchen has been known to function as a space to entertain, cook, and gather the family. These days, kitchens have become the backbone of our homes. It’s a space where everyone gathers and creates memories together. But how can you make the most of your kitchen remodel? It all starts with the layout. What style would best suit your family’s needs? Let’s find out.

Open Floor Plan

This is probably the most popular floor plan requested these days. It’s the most coveted floor plan for good reason. By opening up your entire kitchen you are able to create a ton of space for entertaining and for multi-tasking. As opposed to crowding around in one single room, an open floor plan allows for the free flow of people to move from one area to another all the while being able to communicate with everyone no matter where they are.

In addition, an open floor plan style kitchen allows room for a large island to be placed in the center, allowing for extra counter space and seating areas. Most homes have most of the windows in either the dining or living rooms, and an open floor plan kitchen can create the allure of more light in the kitchen, making it a place that people want to be in. When you knock down walls you end up creating a space that is not only inviting and warm but also perfect for the hostess who adores entertaining.

Closed Kitchens

By all means, there are some homeowners who wouldn’t want to have an open floor plan and actually would prefer a more structured, enclosed kitchen. The advantages of having a closed off kitchen include more privacy. For those parents who desire to have a date night in once in awhile unobstructed by children popping in and out, a closed kitchen would probably be a better fit. By having a more structured kitchen layout you create zones within your home. For people who rely on a structure in their everyday lives, a closed-off kitchen may be an ideal match for them.

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