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Kitchen Remodeling in York, PA: Choosing a Countertop

Choosing a kitchen countertop is no easy task. There are lots of great options out there to fit any budget and any tastes. And while granite is still the top choice for many homeowners who are remodeling their kitchen, there are plenty of other kitchen countertop materials that have their own unique advantages. If you’re considering kitchen remodeling in York, PA, read on to learn more about the different styles of kitchen countertops, and how to choose the one that’s right for you.

Kitchen Remodeling in York, PA: Choosing a Countertop


Granite remains a favorite kitchen countertop material, and for good reason. This natural stone is extremely durable and will hold up to many years of use in the kitchen. No two slabs are alike, meaning your countertop will be totally unique in its

intricate patterns and color variations. Granite is not the cheapest option, but you may find that it’s well worth the investment.


Soapstone is another solid choice for your countertop. This natural stone is as durable as granite, and is very resistant to bacteria, chemicals, and stains. Soapstone is not cheap, but you will get the return on investment you’re looking for.

Engineered Quartz

Another stone-based countertop, engineered quartz is unlike granite or soapstone in that it’s actually a composite of ground quartz, resin, and pigments. Nonporous, and highly customizable, quartz comes at a high price tag, but this is another material that is built to last.


Tile is an attractive option for you kitchen countertop. It’s very durable, comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns, and is much more affordable than the previous three stone options. Of course, you’ll have to invest a little more time in maintenance in order to keep that grout clean, but many find this is worth the affordable price point.


Laminate is easily one of the most affordable kitchen countertop materials, and can be customized to look much more expensive than it actually is. On the downside, laminate does not have the durability of stone. Still, as long as you take care of it, laminate can give you many years of good use.

Stainless Steel

Though not as common as some other countertop materials, stainless steel has several advantages. It’s easy to clean, won’t stain, and heat resistant. Some marks such as scratches and fingerprints will stand out, but stainless steel will put up with a lot of wear and tear. At a price point slightly below most stone, stainless steel is a viable option for your kitchen countertop.


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