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Home Renovation & Remodeling Pointers from C.C. Dietz

Remodeling or renovating your home is one of the best ways to repurpose parts of your home or renew a space that you’ve been using. A successful remodel can make you feel like you’re living in a new home. Not only can you give new life to an old room, but you’ll add to the resale value of your home.

Here are a few home remodeling tips and ideas to help you get started:

  • Define your plan & budget – One of the most important parts of any home remodeling or renovation is the planning involved. Setting a budget and choosing which parts of your home are in need of a remodel or renovation are part of the planning process. Whatever your plan or budget, C.C. Dietz can help you by giving recommendations for renovation.
  • Make your dining room multi-purpose – Many people use their dining rooms exclusively for dinners or special occasions. Consider splitting part of your dining room up and making part of it a home office or a homework room or some other kind of functional room is one idea. You can still have guests over and when you aren’t using the space for dining, it could be a place for isolation and a place where work gets done.
  • Create a closet home office – If the idea of making your dining room multi-purpose doesn’t appeal to you, pick a moderately-sized closet to create a home office in. A closet home office can be perfect for having a place to pay bills and manage home matters. A home office is a good way to have a place to go that is free from distractions.
  • Turn non-livable spaces into livable ones – Have an unfinished basement or space in your house? Turn it into a lounge or bedroom. Attics are also another space that usually goes underutilized that could be turned into a guest bedroom or a home theater. The possibilities for underutilized and unused spaces in your home are endless!


C.C. Dietz has been performing room remodels for almost 100 years. While they present a variety of challenges, we know we can meet them and keep your project on track. Every remodeling project begins with a meeting to determine the scope of the project. This allows us to design an executable plan with an accurate timetable and budget. Our management team, working together with our trusted construction crew, will move your project forward. You receive timely updates and constant communication, so there are never any surprises.

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