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Finding Room for a Home Office in a Small Home

Are you looking to add a home office, but aren’t sure if you can find room for it in your small home? Here are a few places that you might be able to fit your home office, even if you’re a little short on space.

Finding Room for a Home Office in a Small Home

The Porch

If you have an open air porch on the front or side of your home, you might get use out of it for part of the year, but there’s a good portion of the year when it’s too cold to spend time outside. But why let that space go to waste? You can convert some of your porch space to office space and take advantage of this space all year long.

Empty Space

Empty space? You’d be surprised at the amount of empty space in your home that’s hiding in plain sight. The space under stairs, for example, is one place where space is seldom used. You might also have some about the garage, in a bedroom book, or in lofts, the basement, or unused alcoves. See if you can find some unused space in your home where a home office might fit.

Dining Room Conversion

Many homes have formal dining rooms, and while they look nice, the fact is that many people don’t use them very much, if at all. There’s a lot of good space right there that isn’t being used. It’s very easy to convert your dining room into a home office.

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