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5 Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom in York

If you’re in York and noticed that your bathroom is starting to look a little outdated, it may be time for a remodel! But you never want to start a project before doing a little research. Take a look at these tips for bathroom remodeling in York, and begin your renovations with help from a bathroom remodeling contractor in York!

5 Five Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom in York

  • Determine the type of flooring you want. If you’re looking for something that requires little maintenance, look into installing porcelain or other glazed tiles. Natural stone can be difficult to clean, and can become stained if exposed to frequent water spills. If you’re looking for something less slippery than porcelain, look into textured tiles.


  • Do a background check on the caulk and grout you’re planning to use. The right type of caulk is important – especially in a bathroom. You’ll want to make sure you use one that contains no harsh chemicals. A caulk with a mildewcide is also important to protect your bathroom against mildew damage. Be sure you choose grout that resist cracks, and won’t stain.


  • Plan storage space. One of the most convenient aspects of a nice bathroom is the storage space. This means cabinets below the sink or above the toilet, baskets that hold towels or extra toiletries, and even small cubbies or niches built into the shower wall to hold shampoo items. Make the most of your space with ample storage.


  • Take the bathroom size into consideration. If you have a small bathroom, you’ll want to avoid dark colors and items that may make the space feel crowded and claustrophobic. Instead, use light colors to open the space and install a large mirror to make the room seem larger.


  • Measure! This seems like common sense, but having the correct measurements of your space is vital before purchasing or installing any fixtures.


While you may want to attempt a bathroom-remodeling project by yourself, you can’t go wrong with hiring a professional complete the remodel for you. Doing research on the company you plan to hire is also very important. C.C. Dietz is a reliable contractor available to you in York, Pennsylvania.

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