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The Best Way To Prepare For Meeting With A Contractor


Finding the perfect contractor is easier than you think!

Are you searching for the perfect general contractor for your home remodeling project? It’s important to be prepared for any site visits before you arrive so that you know exactly what to ask (and how to ask it). Always budget about 60-90 minutes for each contractor interview so that you can get all of your questions answered and so that they can give you information about their process as well.

Get The Details In Order

When you are getting ready to meet with a general contractor about your project, always have the following materials and pieces of information ready to go in advance:

  • Anticipated start date, including potential other dates that are free and things (like vacations) that might change the date
  • Your remodeling goals, including the things that you need to have and things that you might like to have. Keep in mind that different contractors will have different costs associated with each “must have” and each “might have,” so be prepared to be flexible. If you aren’t totally sure what you want yet, that’s okay! Let your contractor know during the interview and see what they suggest.
  • Your budget, including details on a labor and material budget. If you have a loan for your project already, let the contractor know. If you haven’t yet applied for a loan, also let the contractor know so that they add additional time to their estimate to account for the application and waiting period.
  • Inspiration photos, whether they are from Pinterest or from a magazine. It’s incredibly helpful to show your contractor pictures of what you think you want to see what they think is doable and how much they think that it would cost.
  • Sketches or plans, if you have any already prepared. Don’t think that you need to have professional sketch done—even small sketches that you made on pieces of paper can be very useful for your contractor during the meeting.
  • Your plan for a division of labor, including things like who will be sourcing the materials, if you have a designer or project manager already, and who will be completing any additional services.

Don’t Forget All Of Your Questions

Aside from the following documents, make sure that you ask the following questions:

  • How often will the contractor be on site? Who will be on site?
  • Will the contractor take you shopping or offer you guidance?
  • How often will you be meeting with the contractor?
  • What and when are the best ways to reach your contractor?
  • Ask for an estimate that is itemized.

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