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The Best Way To Create A Beautiful Kitchen Design

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Finding the perfect kitchen design for your home is easier than you think.

Are you ready to get started on your kitchen remodeling project? While the process is incredibly exciting, it can also be stressful to create the perfect kitchen design for your home. If you are concerned about creating a beautiful and accessible kitchen design for your home, here are some of our best tips for getting the job done.

Storage That Is Easy To Access

Custom storage is a great way to ensure that you will be able to enjoy your beautiful kitchen design throughout every stage of life. Use things like pull-out shelves, lazy susans, and corner pull-out shelves to maximize storage and have easy access to everything that you need. If you have small countertop appliances that you regularly use, you can also place these into accessible storage so that you don’t need to worry about straining yourself when picking them up. Drawers are your best friend when creating an accessible kitchen design.

Keep Height And Distance In Mind

If your kitchen design needs to allow for mobility for bodies both young and old, it’s important that you keep height and distance in mind. Avoid any kitchen design that requires you to reach high or low, carry heavy items from one place to another, or squeeze into a narrow spot to complete a task. Your new kitchen design should keep in mind key items and allow plenty of space for you to navigate to them and around them. Keep everyday tools like the microwave at or below counter height so that you can easily reach them. Small changes to your sink and fridge area can really pay off in the future.

Getting Around

Keep movement and traffic patterns in mind during your kitchen design. Keep all hard surfaces flush and don’t choose any design that sticks out and could cause an accident. Worried that this will mean sacrificing your personal style? Thanks to all of the kitchen cabinet and countertop options on the market you don’t need to worry about sacrificing any of your styles in order to get around your kitchen safely.

Stop Slipping

When choosing the new flooring for your kitchen design, keep in mind that a kitchen is a messy place. Even slip-resistant flooring becomes slippery when it is coated with water, dirt, and grease. Choose a textured kitchen flooring that allows for gripping even when dirty.

Beautiful Kitchen Remodels From C.C. Dietz, Inc.

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