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York Bathroom Remodeling Tips: How to use Pinterest to Remodel a Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling takes a lot of planning. And until recently, it was not exactly easy to organize your thoughts. In fact, just a few short years ago, you would have had to cut out pictures from magazines when you saw something that inspired you. You would then have to keep these pictures in a bulky binder, dragging that around with you from remodeler to remodeler to see who could make your dream kitchen a reality.

Today, the design process is A LOT EASIER. And we have Pinterest to thank for a lot of that. You can use Pinterest to organize all of your bathroom design ideas.

How to use Pinterest to Design your Bathroom

  1. Join Pinterest and create your Pinterest profile.
  2. Create your first Pinterest board. Clicking “Add+” in the top right corner of your screen and select “Create Board.”
  3. Install the “Pin It” Button., which allows you to easily pin images to your Pinterest boards.
  4. Start pinning!
  5. Then, when you have every element of your dream bathroom picked out, give C.C. Dietz a call! And don’t forget to Check C.C. Dietz out on Pinterest!

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