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York Bathroom Remodel: 6 Reasons to Switch Your Bathtub to a Shower

More and more homeowners are switch from the bathtub to the show. If you’re thinking about doing this as a part of your upcoming York bathroom remodel, there are plenty of good reasons to do so. Learn more about why you might want to switch out your bathtub for a shower in our blog!


Thinking of switching your bathtub out for a shower?

York Bathroom Remodel: Switching the Tub to a Shower

You use the bathtub infrequently.

In most cases, the bathtub just doesn’t get used that much. Unless you have young children, most people in the house are taking showers, not baths.

The bathtub is worn out.

Bathtubs tend to show their age. You might have chips in the glaze that look unsightly, and there’s always the slow buildup of dirt that needs to be cleaned off. It can be hard work keeping your bathtub looking bright and clean.

You need a more accessible option.

Bathtubs can be difficult for those with accessibility concerns. Many people choose to switch to the shower as a more accessible and safer option. Shower floors can also be remodeled to be slip-resistant. You can learn more about remodeling your bathroom for accessibility in our blog.

You want the features of a luxury shower.

A nice long bath is certainly luxurious, but a shower can be just as enjoyable as a bath, or even more so. Modern luxury shower features include options like multiple shower heads and steam modes reminiscent of a spa experience. If the goal of your York bathroom remodel is to turn your bathroom into your own personal spa, then it’s definitely worth considering some luxury shower features.

You want more room for other bathroom features.

Bathtubs take up a lot of space, without exception. With a shower, you can reduce the amount of space taking up by the bathing area to make room for other features that you want.

You want a more eco-friendly option.

Baths take up a lot of water. New shower options like low-flow, mist, and water recycling can save a lot of water over time, and save you money on your water bill too.

Your York Bathroom Remodel

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