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What’s Better: Vinyl Planks Or Laminate?

Here is everything you need to know to determine which type of flooring is best for your humble abode.

Which one would be the better choice for your York County home? Vinyl planks or laminate? There is no argument about it, but hardwood floors are beloved by virtually everyone. But, it’s their upkeep and care that tends to push people away from getting them installed in homes everywhere. As a result, many homeowners are opting for other similar options like laminate flooring instead of hardwood, where they end up getting the complete look of hardwood without the high costs and high maintenance and upkeep. But these days, it’s vinyl planks that are giving laminate flooring a run for its money. Here is everything you need to know to determine which type of flooring is best for your humble abode.

Consider The Appearance Of Each

When it comes to the appearance of vinyl planks versus laminate flooring, modern uses of technology provide both floors to look like real wood, stone or other beautiful material. Both types of flooring can be crafted to look like your dream floor- in a number of countless colors as well as a myriad of finishes.

The Water Resistance Of Both

When installed properly, vinyl planks are always waterproof and made of synthetic materials. Laminate flooring is made of a hard plastic laminate while the core layer is typically made of wood byproducts. Manufacturers have now created water resistant laminate flooring, however, since the laminate still contains a layer of wood, the flooring itself isn’t totally waterproof. This will end up being an important consideration depending on where you want to put the flooring in your home. As a result, vinyl is typically the better option in spaces like a bathroom and other high-moisture areas.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, being mindful of what you need and want in your home will guide you towards the right flooring in every room. Taking into consideration the important things about the moisture as well as how you want your floors to look will be a great guide to finding the perfect flooring for your humble abode.

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